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Hello there, this is my very first post ever :)

Anyway, I've found this video on Youtube where Jim Parsons gets interviewed by a journalist.
Nothing special you might say, but watch part 1:05 - 2:25!
He talks about Penny's character and Kaley's performance and it's sooo cute x3
He doesn't say it out loud but i really got the feeling that Jim himself is a Sheldon/Penny shipper :D

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TBBT - Leonard ??

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Hi guys!

I´m a big time fan of TBBT and Sheldon/Penny, but just now decided to check out the fic.

I was hoping you could help me out, and link me to any and all fanfics that touch on Sheldon making Penny watch Star Trek. I´m fine with either friendship fic, or romantic, but I really really want to read about how Penny got so good at acting like Spock ;)

Thanks a lot! I hope I´m doing this right, I saw at Sheldon/Penny that these kind of posts should be posted here?